Home automation companies and the IoT have become an integral part of the modern household. Experts estimate that by 2024, the home automation industry will likely grow to $151.4 Billion. To put it simply, home automation systems are essentially a network of appliances, hardware, and software connected with a wireless network.

You can control this network using your phone apps or other mobile devices like laptops or tablets. The exciting thing is that homeowners can communicate and manage their gadgets from a remote location via a smart hub or central control. Several home automation companies are now available in the market. Read ahead for an overview of the most popular brands you can choose from.

10 Best smart home automation companies

Top 10 Home Automation Companies in the World

1. Google LLC – Best home automation system

Established in 1998, Google is easily one of the best home automation companies. Thanks to its extensive product portfolio, it is considered the global forerunner in digital products and services. Google does not just offer the best search engine globally; it also provides online advertising apps, cloud computing, hardware, software, and much more.

Google Nest is its foray into home automation systems and is a result of its Nest Labs acquisition. The Google Nest Hub offers an exceptional level of integratiBe alarms. Also, run your home security systems, smoke detectors, and smart thermostats with the Nest Hub.

2. Amazon Inc. – Best smart home automation project

Amazon’s Alexa was possibly one of the first virtual assistant ecosystems. While you’re probably familiar with its delivery platform, Amazon offers a lot more. You can rely on this reliable and smart home automation company for technologies like AI, eCommerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and consumer electronics.

Amazon’s smart home hub is the Echo which integrates with Alexa. Echo is compatible with a range of devices like the Astro Household Robot, Ring Always Home Cam, Echo Show, and much more.

The most exciting feature is that you can control your devices using voice commands. These commands relay to the central hub for advanced home automation.

3. Apple, Inc

Apple is one of the leading smartphone, personal computers, tablets, and wearable devices manufacturers. Its expansion as one of the top home automation companies seems like an obvious next step.

The Apple HomeKit acts as a smart hub for managing your gadgets like the HomePod, Mac Book, Apple TV, iPad, and other appliances. All you need to do is download Apple’s Home app and sign in using your Apple ID.

The iOS and Mac OS interfaces now include the Apple HomeKit enabling you to use other devices. For instance, motion sensors, smart plugs, and doorbells connect to Apple. Buy Apple Homekit online at amazon.

4. Samsung

South Korea-based Samsung has an over 80-year-old history in electronics, construction, and engineering. Samsung phones are one of the most popular phones worldwide. Familiarity with the brand extends to the Samsung SmartThings Hub.

It has now become one of the best-selling home automation companies. You can download the SmartThings app to your phone, tablet, or any other mobile device. This app enables you to control your home’s different gadgets and appliances like thermostats, smart lights, smart locks, and more.

The interactive phone app also makes it possible for you to remotely access other minor IoT appliances. You can switch between controlling them with a few taps on the touch screen of your phone.

5. Honeywell – A smart home automation company

Honeywell certainly makes the list of smart home companies being a global organization specializing in multiple industries. Several exclusive smart home appliances are compatible with the Honeywell hub. Buy Honeywell hub online.

For instance, smart lighting, humidifiers, air purification systems, and wireless doorbells, for starters. The company has an entire range of home products sold under the Honeywell Home brand name. You can easily pair them with other hubs like Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Amazon’s Alexa, and Samsung’s SmartThings.

Honeywell works out of New Jersey, US, and was first established in 1985. Aside from its range of smart hubs, the company also creates technologies for aerospace, safety, and enhanced productivity.

6. Wink home automation

Users looking for the top home automation companies must certainly consider Wink Hub 2 as one of their options. You’ll connect the hub to the Wi-Fi router with an Ethernet cable, but it also links to the internet wirelessly.

Once you install it, you can download the Wink app to your mobile phone, whether iOS or Android. The app has a user-friendly interface and allows you to configure your favorite settings and link the devices you want. The only downside is that Wink does not follow voice commands.

You’ll overcome this problem by integrating your hub with whatever voice activation system you own. Like, for instance, Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. The Wink Hub is ideal for managing a selection of home appliances like doorbell security cameras, motion sensors, and sirens, to name a few.

7. ABB Ltd.

ABB Ltd. is a Swedish-Swiss multinational organization and one of the well-known and best home automation companies. The company deals mainly in robotics, heavy electrical equipment, and automation. Should you choose to invest in ABB devices, you can be confident of an economical and efficient network. Y

ou can use the hub to manage your home appliances, including surveillance systems for complete security. Other standard integrations include voice control, thermostats, remote temperature setting, and smart lighting systems.

8. LG Electronics

Founded in 1958 and operating out of its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, LG Electronics is a well-known household name. Consumers worldwide are familiar with the LG range of products like home appliances, cellphones, and mobile devices.

You can also get environment control solutions like air conditions, heaters, and HVAC systems. In recent times, LG has joined the ranks of home automation companies with the LG ThinQ®.

This hub integrates seamlessly with the typical home appliances like laundry systems, fridges, and thermostats, to name a few. You can also program your vacuum cleaners with the LG ThinQ®.

9. General Electrical Company

General Electrical is possibly one of the oldest electronics companies. It was established in 1892 and operates out of its headquarters in Massachusetts, USA. A global giant, it has close to 459 production units scattered in 40 countries worldwide.

GE has made its mark in several spheres like lighting, gas, oil, power, energy, transportation, and healthcare. Now, General is a smart home automation company offering customers the Cync Hub.

Integrated with Google, Cync enables users to integrate their entire home and control appliances from a phone app. Think smart plugs, smart light fixtures like bulbs and strip lights, and thermostats. You can also use Cync to manage smart switches, remotes, and security systems like door cameras and motion sensors.

10. Siemens AG

Siemens is older than GE, founded in 1847 in Munich, Germany. The technology company Siemens is a reputable brand for electronics and digitization. In recent times, it has proved that it can keep pace with the evolution of innovative home technology.

And is now one of the top home automation companies that users can confidently rely on. You can safely invest in the Siemens LOGO! Hub to manage your smart home needs and appliances. And, that includes swimming pools, Jacuzzi, irrigation pump control for gardens and fountains, gate and access control, and automatic switch-offs. All these features are available in addition to the standard lighting and dimmer controls, climate control, and more.

And that concludes our list of the best home automation companies in the market today. Let’s move on to answering some of the most common FAQs customers have.

FAQs for Home Automation Companies

Several companies out there offer you a selection of home automation hubs, phone apps, and integrated appliances. You can go ahead and choose the brand you’re most comfortable with. Some customers swear by Apple products, while others can’t think beyond Google.

Choosing the best smart home hub is a matter of personal choice and the functionalities you need. Go ahead and pick the best one from the list provided above.

Here are the best 6 home automation companies that provide safe home automation systems.

  1. Google LLC
  2. Amazon Inc.
  3. Apple, Inc
  4. Wink
  5. Honeywell
  6. Siemens

Although opinions vary, Siemens wins hands down as the best home automation company.

While Amazon Alexa has the most smart home devices, Google Assistant and LG Smart also follow close behind.

The average consumer can expect to invest anywhere from $174 to $1,441 on a home automation system. On average, the cost should range around $799. However, considering the mind-boggling array of devices and appliances, the final price could run up to $5500 and above.

This post should give you an informative overview of the different home automation companies now available. You can pick out the one that best matches your needs. Though, customers have been known to get two or more hubs also. The choice is entirely yours.