Insteon Hub Review & Buyer Guide 2023

Insteon Hub

Insteon’s home automation ecosystem performs reliably due to its proprietary protocols. With a wide range of compatible devices and unique powerline communication technology, Insteon is a leader in home automation. If you want a system that just works and prefer to stick with a single manufacturer for your devices then Insteon may be for you.

Samsung Smartthings hub Review & Buyer Guide 2023

Samsung SmartThings Hub v3 review

The Samsung Smartthings Hub is the main hub or heart of your entire SmartThings ecosystem, helping you to wirelessly connect multiple smart devices together, connected to apps as well as to the cloud. All you have to do is pair the device with the smartthings hub and you’re good to go.

Lutron Caséta Smart Switch Review 2023

Lutron Caseta System

We highly recommend the Lutron Caséta Smart Switch due to its reliability and ease of use. Smart switches allow you to control them like normal switches through an app or with voice control. Lutron has been making light switches for close to 50 years, and they serve the residential and commercial markets.

Ecobee smart and ecobee 3 lite thermostats Reviews

Ecobee smart thermostat and ecobee 3 lite thermostat Reviews

The ecobee Smart Thermostat and ecobee 3 lite are highly recommended Wi-Fi smart thermostats. They are relatively easy to set up and will start saving you money on your energy bills right away. Both units work with popular voice assistants and the ecobee4 include built-in Amazon Alexa.

Nest Thermostat Reviews – 3rd Generation and E

Nest Thermostats

The Nest Thermostats (3rd Gen and E) are great Wi-Fi thermostats that are easy to install and use, plus they are aesthetically appealing. Most importantly, they will save you money on your utility bills. The Nests are a great option if you don’t have a common wire.

Honeywell T5+ and Round thermostats Review 2022

Honeywell Thermostats

The Honeywell Round Smart Thermostat (Second Generation) is a great option for keeping your home comfortable. The T5+ Smart Thermostat is also a great money-saving option. Both thermostats are easy to setup and will save you money on your utility bills. They are one of the few thermostats that work with Apple HomeKit.

Wink Hub 2 Review, Features and Pros & Cons

Wink Hub 2

The Wink Hub 2 is a classic hardware smart home hub that includes Z-Wave and Zigbee radios. It works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. The Wink Hub is a great choice if you want a wide range of device options and if you don’t mind a little tinkering.

Mysa Line Voltage Smart Thermostat Review

Mysa Line Voltage Thermostat

The Mysa Line Voltage Thermostat is one of the few smart thermostats for electric baseboard heaters. It is a relatively new product and has already proved to be one of the best options for those who want to monitor and control their line voltage heating system while away.

Google Home and Nest Hub Reviews

Google Home

The Google Home group of devices provides easy access to the Google Assistant, which can also link to and control other home automation devices. While none of the devices include Z-Wave or Zigbee radios, they can connect to a wide range of products via Wi-Fi and software. If you already use Google’s network (Gmail, Calendar, Music, etc.) then it might be a good device to help control your home.