Smart Home System Builds

Our readers often ask us how to figure out what devices work with other devices. They want to know what thermostat to buy if they already have a specific hub. We often hear from people who want us to tell them exactly what system to buy.

The example systems below are our answer to your questions. We have made sure that all of the components work together so you shouldn’t have any compatibility issues.

Smart Home System for Apartments and Renters

System Build for Apartment Dwellers

This smart home system build is for people living in rented apartments who cannot modify their wiring or other aspects of their home. All device suggestions are wireless or non-intrusive so your landlord shouldn't have a problem.

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Wink Smart Home System

Wink System Build

This example smart home system is built with the Wink Hub at its core. Wink works with lots of devices and we suggest the best plus alternate options. Be confident that everything works together.

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Amazon Echo Plus Smart Home System

Amazon Echo Plus System Build

This is an example smart home system built with the Amazon Echo Plus as the main hub. We suggest accessories that are compatible with the Echo Plus so you don't have to guess what works together.

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Google Home Smart Home System

Google Home System Build

While the Google Home devices don't have any of the common home automation communications radios, you can still build a solid smart home around them. We'll help you select compatible accessories.

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