Learn about smart locks; I’ll tell you why you need a smart door lock to keep you & your family safe

While I know a smart door lock is not the only way to keep your family safe, smart door locks do provide an added security layer and peace of mind; a smart door lock provides benefits that traditional locks cannot offer.

So much technology is packed into these devices; all of this tech has a purpose, and for door locks, that purpose is security. There are many good reasons to consider a smart door lock for your home.

a woman insert password on her smart home lock

Here I will go over some of the features you can expect from a smart door lock

Enhanced Security
Smart door locks use advanced encryption technology and can be connected to your home Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth devices; this allows you to control access to your home from anywhere using a mobile app to lock and unlock your door remotely.

Notifications when someone unlocks the door or attempts to enter your home
Many smart door locks can send notifications to your phone in real-time when someone unlocks the door or attempts to enter your home. This feature can give you an added layer of security and let you know when someone is coming or going.

Convenience – hands free door unlocking
I love not having to fumble around with a lock when my hands are full. Instead, I can unlock my door with my PIN code, fingerprint, or even your voice.

Remote access which I control
With remote access via a mobile app, I can monitor my home’s entry points from anywhere in the world and even control access to my house when I’m not there. With remote access, my family members, friends, service providers, or neighbors can be given access to my home when I authorize it, and I can revoke this access at any time, should that be required. Managing who enters your home when you are not there is a helpful feature.

Integration with other smart home devices
In a smart home, your smart door locks will be integrated with your other smart devices, such as cameras, security systems, lights, and smart speakers. This allows you to create a comprehensive home security system that a single app on your phone, tablet, or PC can control. 

a man checking on smart door locks with built-in cameras

Tracking and monitoring – see who is at the door when you’re not at home
Some smart door locks come with built-in cameras; they allow you to see who is at your door and communicate with them using your smartphone. This is a feature I like; it is especially useful if I am away from home and want to monitor, for example, deliveries or check on my dogs.

Not everything goes smoothly all the time
Smart devices contain powerful microprocessors or microcontrollers running complex software, sometimes a smart device will have issues just as a tablet, laptop, or smartphone sometimes do. If a smart door lock malfunctions, it may not lock or unlock properly, respond to the mobile app or voice commands, or there may be other technical issues preventing correct operation; often, just removing and replacing the batteries will re-boot the system, and they will again operate correctly.

Sometimes a software update will fix an issue; however, beware of criminals known as hackers and be suspicious but not paranoid about anything unusual occurring with your smart door locks; it is always best practice to have all your smart devices set to auto-update their software which will include the latest threat protections.

On some rare occasions, the lock may need to be completely reset and reprogrammed; therefore, always choose locks from manufacturers with good warranties and customer support. It is best to check out what the manufacturer’s procedures and support will be should there be any issues in the future; that way, you know what to expect before you purchase their product.

Overall, smart door locks are very reliable and provide enhanced security and convenience; and I believe they are an important part of any smart home security system.

Popular Smart Home Door Locks to buy

Features of Kwikset Halo

  • ‎Fingerprint, Smart Lock, Touchscreen, Wi-fi
  • Lock Type: Key Ones Side
  • Material Metal with Matte Black look
  • Works with Alexa

Features of Smart Lock ULTRALOQ U-Bolt 

  • ANSI Grade 1 Certified for Highest Commercial Level of Security and Durability
  • 6-in-1 Keyless Entry Door Lock with App

  • Smartphone Control via Bluetooth
  • Remote Access with Optional WiFi Bridge
  • Simple Installation with No Drilling Required
  • Works with Alexa

Features of Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock

  • Sifely smart door lock is a great solution for short-term rental hosts. Generate passcode remotely and share it to your visitors.
  • Advanced 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock: Fingerprint + Code + Fob + Smartphone + Key
  • Easy to install in minutes with just a phillips screwdriver. No extra drills needed. No locksmith needed.
  • You can lock/unlock your smart door lock anywhere anytime, set up codes remotely and check real-time access logs.

Smart Home Lock FAQ's

Physically more secure or stronger, not necessarily; however, people looking to install smart door locks are seeking the enhanced security feature they incorporate; smart locks use advanced encryption technology and can be connected to your home Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth devices. Connecting to your home network allows you to control access to your home from anywhere using a mobile app, receive real-time alerts if someone tries to enter your home, and monitor who is coming and going.

Smart door locks can be easy to install if you have basic handyperson skills and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully; however, some smart door locks by design may require professional installation.
This video gives a good explanation of the installation and operation of a smart door lock.

Yes, my smart door locks allow me to grant temporary access to specific individuals, such as service providers, and if necessary, I can revoke access at any time. These features can be very useful for managing who enters your home and when.

Most smart door locks allow you to use a physical key as a backup to gain entry to the home. Ensure you read the owner’s manual when the lock is installed; it’s too late once you’re locked out! Each lock model has a different override feature that will allow homeowners to open the deadbolt in case the device has lost power or is malfunctioning. When selecting smart door locks, choose locks with good warranties and customer support.

Smart door locks range in price from as low as $80 to well over $500; however, many very good quality locks sit around the $250 to $300 mark, depending on the features, brand, and quality. While they may be more expensive than traditional locks, smart door locks provide an added security layer and convenience; they are well worth the investment.

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