It integrates cutting-edge innovation and technology to transform how modern households run. Savant home automation is ideal for all homes and commercial spaces, from small apartments to multi-bedroom houses. You can expect nothing but exceptional aesthetics, sleek modernistic designs, and efficiency with total control of almost every device and gadget in your home.

The Savant home ecosystem also assigns individual profiles to each family member allowing them to customize their user interface. They can configure settings like temperature, favorite channels, light dimmers, and On/Off functions according to a preset schedule. Read ahead to learn more.

savant home automation

Understanding What is the Savant Home Automation System

Savant home automation is a revolutionary system that allows you to seamlessly personalize and control your home’s functions. Once the system is installed, up, and running, you’ll be able to manage every aspect of your spaces.

Savant automation has a compatible application that runs on iOS and Android phones. The app is highly interactive and offers a range of controls to ensure that your home is an energy-efficient unit. An added advantage is that Savant is compatible with Google Home allowing you to deliver voice commands. You can also use the Savant Pro Remote X2, which gives you complete control and personalization.

Components of the Savant Smart Home Network

Your Savant home automation is scalable and compatible with homes and commercial spaces of all sizes requiring different functionalities. The entire home ecosystem comprises three core elements:

  • The Savant Host is essentially the brain of the system. It receives commands from the user interface and relays them to the Savant Controllers, which, in turn, manage the subsystems.
  • The Savant Controllers act like bridges linking the Savant Host to the different subsystems.
  • Savant User Interfaces enable complete customization of the Savant smart home. User interfaces include your mobile device with the app, remote control, touch panels for manual settings, keypads, and thermostats. If you wish to use voice commands, you can install a Google Home and integrate it with the system.

Homeowners can use the Savant User Interface on two devices:

  • The Savant Pro Remote is available in Pro Remote Single Room and Pro Remote Multi-Room models. This device enables complete personalization for climate control and light settings to change the mood and customized scenes. Each family member can set up their personal profile and favorite entertainment settings. Furthermore, the remote has a microphone that accepts voice commands and integrates with Siri for Apple TVs.
  • Savant Pro App on your phone gives you instant access to all the features and functionalities of your Savant home automation system.
Savant host integration

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Functionalities Provided by the Savant Automation Phone App

The Savant Phone App provides you with a stunning range of settings through an easy-to-understand and use interface. Here’s how you’ll control the Savant home automation system.

  • Tapping on the “System” button gives you the instant status of the different gadgets and devices in your smart home.
  • Swiping left to right allows you to view all the available “Scenes.”
  • Tapping on the “Room View” gives you access to the room, its profiles, and other settings.
  • Scrolling to the left or right displays the Savant automation services available for your home.
  • Checking the “Now Playing” shows you the activity feed.
  • “Quick Controls” are accessible by using the “Force Touch.” You can also press and hold the button for instant settings.
  • Each function leads to a highlighted interactive screen.
  • Tapping on the room allows you to create the ideal ambience to welcome you home. You can also schedule when the light comes On and Off according to your daily schedule. Setting up custom scenes for every family member can also be quickly done.
  • Use the Savant music to play favorites, select from a collection, and edit queues by clicking on “Global Now Playing.”
  • The Climate Control function allows instant adjustments and scheduling in the Heat or Cool mode. You can use the slider bar to set your preferred temperature or configure the “Auto” mode. Tapping on the “Settings” icon lets, you switch between the two modes.
  • The TrueImage technology for lighting control allows users to take pictures of a specific light setting. Next, they can save it as a future preference. Once the image is saved, you’ll tap on it to view simulations of how the room looks under different lighting. As you make the changes, you can see the look and ambiance change in the virtual images and actual room.

Features of the Savant Smart Home System

There’s a lot you can do with the Savant smart home system like:

  • You can manage the power and energy from your standard power electrical circuit box. Savant allows you to monitor power consumption and manage energy-guzzling appliances by scheduling their usage per your household routine.
  • Savant TrueImage Lighting – Savant smart home permits you to customize every light in the house, from scheduling On/Off times to scheduling moods. Change the colors of your smart bulbs and strips and create the perfect scene for a romantic dinner. Or for a lively morning breakfast.
  • Savant automation extends to your home security, providing end-to-end safety solutions. You can integrate personalized notifications to inform you of visitors and even get a recorded video history. Use your phone app to answer doorbells and talk to visitors and delivery people.
  • Rely on Savant home automation to give you complete indoor climate control. Using the phone app, you can communicate with the HVAC thermostat to turn heating and cooling on and off. You can also schedule when the heating systems and air conditioning kick in for optimum temperatures to welcome you home.
  • Automate your entertainment systems, including audio and video gadgets like your smart high definition television and music players. You can automate your entire home theatre system, complete with the lighting and speakers.

How Does the Savant Automation System Work

The Savant home automation hub or host, controllers, and remote communicate over the Wi-Fi with the devices in your home. And, since the remote connects using Bluetooth, you won’t have to worry about pointing it in the right direction. Further, Savant automation seamlessly integrates with other gadgets thanks to its super intuitive technology. Its designers claim it can connect with up to 380,000 third-party devices, including Apple TV, Roku, game consoles, and Sonos speakers. Any settings you make on the remote or your phone app are instantly relayed to the different systems. The remote wakes up on lifting and comes with backlit buttons and voice activation making it extremely easy to use.

Pros & Cons of the Savant Home Automation


Some Great Reasons to Get the Savant Home Ecosystem

  • The Savant home automation system is a must-have for contemporary luxury homes desiring complete customization of their home experiences.
  • The system is scalable and lends itself perfectly to any sized home or commercial space.
  • Savant allows users to configure a room’s lighting, brightness, dimmer switches, and different colors.
  • Unlike most other home automation systems, it is easy to install and set up.
  • Savant comes with a smart remote with three different touch screen panels enabling smooth configuring. It has multiple interfaces allowing for viewing each room from a central device and configuring it as needed.
  • It is user-friendly and allows you to customize indoor and outdoor entertainment, shading, security and surveillance, climate control, and smart lighting.
  • Savant Pro App is compatible with phones and tablets.

Things to Watch for When Getting Savant Automation

  • Working the remote can be a problem if it becomes unresponsive. Users may have to power it down and restart it to pair it again.
  • Updating the phone app software can be challenging. You may have to reset the app and clear the existing data to try again.
  • You’ll need a Wi-Fi connection with adequate strength for the Savant home automation system to work. Any interruptions in the signal will result in the system shutting down.
  • Voice commands may not work as efficiently, and users may have to reconfigure the Alexa settings.

FAQs About the Savant Automation

At the time of writing this article, the Savant system costs anywhere from $5,000 to $1,000,000. The exact cost can depend on several factors, such as the size of your home and the number of rooms. The extent of automation you need will also influence the final price tag. Then again, the appliances and gadgets you wish to control are a significant factor. For instance, HVAC systems, smart lighting networks, and home entertainment like audio, video, and speakers.

Yes, you can integrate it with Google Home Assistant and voice control.

Savant automation systems play well with a wide range of devices. An estimated 38,000 third-party devices can integrate with the system.

With innovative technology and a contemporary design, the Savant home automation system has quickly become more than a luxury. Invest in the Savant home ecosystem to change the way you live.

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