The Lutron Smart Bridge integrated with the Lutron App is an innovative technology changing how you control lighting. A game-changer in the sphere of smart lighting, the gadget allows you to manage lights, shades, and temperatures. Using a phone app, you can turn lights on and off, monitor the dimmer, and even set temperatures to specifications.

Once you install this nifty device, you’ll no longer have to worry about having left the lights on. Leave the house secure in the knowledge that you can check the lights with a quick adjustment on your phone. There’s a lot more you can do with the Lutron Smart Bridge and its compatible phone app. Read ahead to learn more.

lutron smart bridge

How Lutron Smart Bridge Works?

The Lutron Smart Bridge is essentially an electronic device that you can install in your home. You’ll connect it to a power source and use an Ethernet cable to connect it with the Wi-Fi router. The Lutron Smart Bridge and Lutron App on your phone communicate over the internet. 

The bridge connects with Caseta Clear Connect devices wirelessly. This is why you can set up, monitor, and control your home or office lighting from any remote location. The Lutron App is downloadable to any device such as your smartphone, Apple wearable watch, tablet, or laptop. 

The exciting thing is that this gadget integrates well with up to 75 different devices. For instance, smart home brands like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Sonos, and Serena shades, to name a few. 

The more advanced versions give you more extensive control and integration with additional smart home gadgets. Like, for example, cameras, dimmers, voice assistants, and music and entertainment systems. 

Features of the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge

Read ahead for some of the features of the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge:

  • Compatible with EcobeeSamsung SmartThings, Logitech, Ring Honeywell, etc.
  • Gives users the ability to schedule turning lights on and off and automatically adjust them according to the natural light in the home or office space.
  • Allows users to adjust the lights’ luminescence according to the setting they wish to create. For instance, dim lighting for a romantic dinner with a loved one. Or, bright rotating color lights for a party.
  • Integrates with voice control devices like Alexa to dim lights or switch them on or off.
  • Users can enable Geo-fencing on the app to automatically sense when the owners are leaving or approaching their homes or offices. The lights then switch on or turn off according to the preset schedule. 
  • Up to 75 Caseta devices can integrate with a single Lutron Smart Bridge.
  • Sends you alerts to let you know that the lights are on.
  • Compatible with the free-to-use Lutron App that you can download without purchasing a subscription.
  • The Lutron Bridge L-BDG2-WH model controls Caseta dimmers and switches, and you can program it with the Lutron app.
  • Extending the Smart Bridge radio frequency range can be easily done by installing repeaters like PD-REP and PD-3PCL.
  • Compatible with the Lutron Serena® remote-controlled shades using the Lutron app. 
  • Available in standard sizes that will match your designer or decorator wall-plate, so installation is not a problem.
  • Connects with more leading smart home brands than any other smart lighting control brand.
  • Caséta works in homes of all ages
  • Supports up to 75 Lutron devices
  • Unlocks access to the Lutron app
  • The Lutron Smart Bridge is extremely easy to install and set up. You’ll follow the instructions and prompts on the Lutron Phone App and have the system up and running in no time.
  • You need not worry about the Bridge interfering with the Wi-Fi signal or disrupting other devices connected to the network. That’s because your Lutron uses Clear Connect Technology and connects to the Wi-Fi using a separate Ethernet cable.
  • Investing in a Lutron allows you to personalize your entire home and expand your spaces. It can integrate up to 75 different devices and thus, interconnects all the interiors of the building. 
  • The Lutron Caseta smart bridge allows you to monitor all your Caseta devices, thus eliminating the need for a separate Wink hub.
  • The Lutron Smart Bridge uses a single point of contact with the cloud. As a result, it will not clutter your Wi-Fi connection. Or affect its stability. 
  • Lutron is super-fast and ensures that your lights respond instantly to your adjustments on the app or Pico remote control. 
  • Lutron Caseta Wireless is compatible with Honeywell thermostats. But, to integrate them, you’ll first set up the device with the Honeywell app and then, configure it with the Lutron app.
  • Even if the app is not connected to your home Wi-Fi, you can continue to monitor your home electronic devices. The app is functional with your data plan or cellular connectivity regardless of your location.
  • Unlike competing brands like the Wink hub, you won’t have to pay recurring monthly charges for getting the Lutron Hub.
  • You can integrate your Lutron Smart Bridge with your Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect, Nest Cam, or Nest Secure. These are smoke detectors and CO2 monitoring devices.
  • You cannot use the Lutron Smart Bridge with Insteon devices. Lutron uses its proprietary Radio Frequency and Clear Connect Technology, making it compatible only with Caseta devices.
  • The Lutron phone app is compatible with iOS and Android systems, but not the Windows OS.
  • For the Lutron Caseta Bridge to work, you’ll hard-wire the Ethernet cable to Lutron’s server and your office or home’s local network. If you lose the Wi-Fi signal for any reason, the Lutron will stop working.
  • Not compatible with garage doors, but you might be able to find a third-party app that connects the systems.
  • Installation can be a problem since you must connect the Lutron hub to the Wi-Fi router with an Ethernet cable. If the router is located at one end of the house or office, you’ll need an extra-length Ethernet cable. That’s because you must install the Lutron Wireless Smart Bridge in a central location to cover a radius of 30 feet.  
  • Not compatible with X-10 switches and dimmers.

Lutron App

Lutron Caseta smart bridge App

With a smart user interface and streamlined usage, the Lutron App makes it exceedingly easy to use your Lutron Smart Bridge.

The Lutron Connect app offers you intuitive, efficient, and quick control of the RadioRA 2 or HomeWorks QS system. 

You can configure your home lighting with a few taps on the touch screen pad. The most exciting thing is that you can download the app into any mobile device like your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or laptop. 

The software is available to use free of cost without the need to pay a monthly subscription. Using the app, you can set the schedules for turning your home lights on and off or the specific brightness you need. 

Aside from its interactive features, you’ll find that the app is easy to navigate. And if you need help, Lutron has excellent customer service. You’ll also integrate controls for the thermostat, audio systems, security, CO2 detection, smoke alarms, and fan control. You can find complete detail about this app here.

But, do remember that the Lutron app is compatible with a single Lutron Smart Bridge only. And, if you go for the Smart Bridge Pro version, you can add smart home systems like:

  • Airzonecontrol
  • AMX®
  • Automnomic 
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Bang & Olufsen
  • Bitwise Controls
  • Control 4
  • Crestron
  • Carrier 
  • Clare Controls
  • Converging Systems
  • Cool Automation
  • Comcast 
  • Elan Home Systems
  • ELK Products
  • Google Home 
  • Hunter 
  • iRule
  • Key Digital
  • On Controls
  • ProControl
  • Remote Technologies Incorporated
  • Roomie Remote
  • Savant
  • Simple Control
  • Sivoia QS Triathlon
  • Sivoia QS Wireless
  • URC
  • Smart Bridge PRO with HomeKit technology.
  • Supports Siri and Apple HomeKit technology
  • Connects to Wi-Fi Router
  • Programmed Via Lutron App

Tips & Tricks for Using the Smart Bridge

Keep in mind that the Lutron Smart Bridge communicates with Casseta devices using an RF or radio frequency signal. This signal typically has a range of 30 feet, which means that devices outside the coverage may not respond.

If you need the Lutron to control devices located at longer distances, you’ll install the Caseta PD-REP range extender. This device extends the range to 60 feet and covers any devices installed within the radius. 

Here’s another tip. To get the maximum functionality from your Lutron wireless smart bridge, you’ll consider pairing it with home automation systems like Amazon’s Alexa.

In this way, you can get the voice activation functionality also. But do remember that the L-BDG2 Smart Bridge cannot convert a non-home kit device into a home automation device.

You’ll have to purchase the equipment and then configure it with the Lutron bridge and app. Find more detail about smart bridge here.

Is the Lutron Smart Bridge a Good Buy?

The Lutron Bridge is the next-generation technology in automated lighting systems. Once you install this gadget, you can manage not just your lighting but various other devices.

You can integrate smoke detectors, garage lights, your smart thermostat, and up to 75 different devices into a single phone app. Life just got a whole lot smarter and simpler with the Lutron Smart Bridge and its app. 

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