A smart light switch replaces your existing “dumb” light switch to add remote and automatic control features to your home. Adding them improves security and makes sure you never arrive to a dark home.

We believe smart switches are the best way to add smart lighting to your home because they work a lot like normal switches. Therefore, everyone in the family can use them even if they don’t have access to an app or voice control.

Before you purchase a smart switch, be sure you check your home wiring to determine whether you have a neutral wire. The neutral wire provides a constant flow of power to the switch so that it can communicate with other devices even if it is switched off. Many older homes, or those that were wired to save money, don’t have neutral wires at the switch.

We have spent countless hours reading about and testing a lot of smart switches and we think the Lutron Caseta is the best setup for most people. They make switches that work with a neutral wire or without.

There are also other good options if you have a neutral wire at your light switches, including the TP-Link Kasa and Wemo switches.

You can browse all of our light switch reviews listed below.

Lutron Caseta Smart Light Switch Review 2022

Lutron Caseta System

We highly recommend the Lutron Caséta Wireless light switches due to their reliability and ease of use. Smart switches allow you to control them like normal switches, through an app, or with voice control. Lutron has been making light switches for close to 50 years and they serve the residential and commercial markets.

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Belkin Wemo Smart Light Switch and Dimmer Reviews

Belkin Wemo Switches

The Wemo Smart Light Switch and WiFi Smart Dimmer are great ways to control your lights. The operate on WiFi and don’t require an additional hub. Both controls work with a wide variety of voice assistants and light bulbs. While they do need a neutral wire, we think these would be a solid addition to your smart home.

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TP-Link Kasa Smart Light Switch and Dimmer Reviews

TP-Link Kasa Switches

The Kasa Smart WiFi Light Switch and Dimmer are smart switches that work with most voices assistants. They don’t require a hub since they work on Wi-Fi. TP-Link even makes a 3-way compatible version of their switch. Be sure you have a neutral wire at your current switches.

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ecobee Switch+ Review

Ecobee Switch+

Ecobee’s Switch+ is a Wi-Fi smart switch that includes integrated Amazon Alexa voice control. It may be a good option if you already have an ecobee thermostat. However, it is also missing a few key features that many buyers may want in a smart switch. We think this will become a great device as the firmware gets updated and more features are added.

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