Smart Switch Neutral Wire

Smart Switches – No Neutral Wire?

Smart switches require a constant flow of power so that their radios can communicate with relays and hubs. A neutral wire connected to the switch completes the circuit and keeps electricity flowing to the switch. This article explains how to identify a neutral wire. We’ll also give you some options in case your home is wired without neutral wires to your light switches.

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Samsung SmartThings Hub v3

Samsung SmartThings Hub Review

SmartThings is Samsung’s foray into the smart home — and it is a worthy entry worth full consideration if you are starting a new smart home system. This review covers the 2018 version of the device, often referred to as v3 or 3rd generation. There are plenty of devices that connect to it so you will be able to make a very versatile smart home.

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Insteon Hub

Insteon Hub Review

Insteon’s home automation ecosystem performs reliably due to its proprietary protocols. With a wide range of compatible devices and unique powerline communication technology, Insteon is a leader in home automation. If you want a system that just works and prefer to stick with a single manufacturer for your devices then Insteon may be for you.

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