The Amazon Echo has become one of the most popular voice assistants on the market. We consider the Echo Plus version to be a true smart hub since it includes a Zigbee radio, which means it can connect to a wider range of devices than other simpler voice assistants.

Our review of the Amazon Echo Plus gets into more detail about the hub so you can decide if it is right for you to put at the center of your smart home.

Here are our recommendations for accessories to add to your Amazon Echo home automation system. We are focusing on products that carry Amazon Certification that they work with Alexa.


You have a number of great options for Amazon Echo Plus compatible thermostats, including our top two picks: the ecobee4 and Nest Learning thermostats. Also, don’t count out the Honeywell Smart thermostats or the Lux Kono/Geo.

If you are in need of a line voltage thermostat compatible with the Echo Plus, we recommend the Mysa thermostat.

Since most people have a low-voltage heating control system, we suggest either the ecobee4 or Nest. We lean toward the ecobee4 since it has a built-in Alexa voice assistant so you might be able to avoid buying another echo.

theIOTpad Pick
ecobee4 Thermostat
Also Good
Nest Learning Thermostat
ecobee4 Thermostat
Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation
Buy ecobee4 Buy Nest

Light Switches

Our favorite light switches are all compatible with the Echo Plus hub so you have lots of options. Consider switches that are Wi-Fi or Zigbee compatible.

Our top pick is the Lutron Caséta Wireless system. This does require an additional bridge device, which is an extra cost, but we find the reliability is better than Wi-Fi switches. Our Caséta Wireless review has more detail about the system. Caséta has some switches that don’t require a neutral wire for those with older homes.

If you want to skip the extra hardware, then we suggest the GE Zigbee dimmers. You can also use a Wi-Fi based dimmer like the Wemo or TP-Link Kasa dimmer switches.

theIOTpad Pick
Lutron Caséta Wireless Dimmer
GE Zigbee Dimmer
Lutron Caséta Wireless Dimmer
GE Zigbee Dimmer
No neutral wire required
Requires neutral wire
Buy Lutron Caseta Dimmer Buy GE Zigbee Dimmer

Smart Plug

Amazon makes their own Wi-Fi smart plug so you can expect it to work seamlessly with Alexa. The plug occupies a single receptacle and includes a manual on-off button on the left side.

Sylvania is one of the few well-known companies that manufactures a Zigbee compatible smart plug. While the form factor may require that you take up more than one outlet, if you prefer to use Zigbee then this is one of the only options.

You may also want to consider the Wemo Mini Smart Plug or the TP-Link Kasa Wifi smart plug, both of which are also Amazon Certified to work with Alexa.

Amazon Smart Plug
Sylvania Smart+ Plug
Amazon Smart Plug
Sylvania Smart+ Plug
Buy Amazon Smart Plug Buy Sylvania Smart+ Plug


The only doorbells that are Amazon Certified to work with Alexa are the Ring series of video doorbells. Both the Video Doorbell 2 and the Video Doorbell Pro work with Alexa. Choose the Pro if you already have low-voltage wiring at your existing doorbell. Otherwise, choose the Video Doorbell 2 if you need to use batteries.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Ring Pro Video Doorbell Side-by-Side

Security Camera

Amazon makes their own security camera called the Cloud Cam. They also offer cloud storage plans so you always have access to the camera’s footage. Using the Cloud Cam makes the most sense if you want to keep all of your devices under the Amazon ecosystem.

Another option we like is the Arlo Q, which is a wired security camera similar to Amazon’s offering. The Q is similar in price and their storage plans are also similar in price to Amazon, but only Amazon offers a free plan with 24-hours of video storage.

The Arlo Pro 2 System is more expensive than the Q or the Cloud Cam, but it offers wireless connectivity for places that you can’t get a wire to. Unfortunately, it also requires base station to maintain connectivity.

Amazon Cloud Cam
Arlo Q Camera
Amazon Cloud Cam
Arlo Q Camera
Buy Amazon Cloud Cam Buy Arlo Q

Voice Assistant / Speaker

You don’t need an additional speaker if you are happy with the sound quality from your Amazon Echo Plus. However, if you are looking for better sound quality you may want to look into Sonos speakers, which are all Amazon Certified to work with Alexa (in fact, many of them have built-in Alexa voice control.)

Leak Detector

Unfortunately, we are not aware of any leak detectors that are Amazon Certified to work with Alexa.

You can try the Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor, which communicates via Zigbee and should work with the Echo Plus. However, you may not be able to take advantage of every feature. It is unfortunate, but we think this is your best bet.

Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor

Door / Window Sensor

The SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor is Certified by Amazon to work with Alexa. The sensor communicates over Zigbee, which means it works with the Echo Pro.

Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor

Door Lock / Deadbolt

You need a Zigbee compatible smart lock if you want proper connectivity to your Amazon Echo Plus home automation hub. Both Yale and Schlage make Zigbee deadbolts.

The Yale Assure Zigbee Lock allows access via a passcode or by using the app. The lock doesn’t have a keyway, which means it cannot be picked. If the battery runs out, you gain access by connecting a 9-volt battery to the lock and then entering your passcode.

You may find the Schlage Connect to be better looking since it has a sleeker design and comes in two different profiles. The Connect includes a keyway for backup access if the battery runs out or the lock fails. Some people consider a keyway to be less secure, but Schlage locks are very hard to pick.

Yale Key Free Zigbee Deadbolt
Schlage Connect Zigbee Deadbolt
Yale Key Free Zigbee Deadbolt
Schlage Connect Zigbee Deadbolt
Buy Yale Key Free Buy Schlage Connect
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