About theIOTpad

TheIOTPad is your source for building and running a smart and connected home. We help you determine what systems and products are the best for what you want to accomplish with home automation. That may be as simple as a single Wi-Fi thermostat. Or perhaps you want to add smart lighting, security components, and multi-room audio. The sky is the limit. Keep it simple or tie a bunch of items together. Either way, we can help you get there.

Our vision for the smart home is an elegantly connected system of helpful accessories that are controlled by a central source. We don't want to install technology for technology's sake and we aren't looking for flashy gimmicks to show off to friends and neighbors. We prefer the devices to work quietly in the background while fitting in to a normal home aesthetic. Everyone in the family should be able to control the system. They may not have to program everything, but they should be able to turn the lights off without learning a secret IOT language.

Founded in May 2016, we are slowly building out the site. Please let us know if there is anything specific you want to see.

How We Make Money

As we all know, publishers need to make money to keep the lights on and the website alive. However, we don't think you need to blanket a website with annoying ads and pop-ups to generate a modest revenue.

We earn a small commission when our readers make a purchase after following our affiliate links. You don't pay extra for the product. Rather, the retailer pays us a small affiliate commission for sending them a buyer. It is kind of like a finder's fee.

We receive the fee one or two months after your purchase and we only get it if you keep the product. The finders fee goes back to the retailer if you return the product. Therefore, it is in our best interest to help you find the device that best meets your needs. We might make a few extra pennies by convincing you to buy a more expensive item, but it isn't worth it because we'll lose dollars of your trust. Our readers will always come first. You rely on our impartial opinions and we rely on you being happy with the product you select.

Website Leadership

Michael Noll

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Michael Noll - Founder and Editor-in-Chief of theIOTpad.com

I am an architect with over 15 years of experience in the building design and construction industry. I've seen many technologies start in the commercial building sector and slowly move to the residential market. Owners of large buildings want to save money on energy usage while providing a convenient (and smart) system for the occupants. Your home should be no different.

I'm just like you. I wanted to add a money-saving Wi-Fi thermostat to my 100-year-old condo, but I didn't have a common wire. I wanted to install some smart lights that turn on when I arrive home, but I didn't have neutral wires at the switches. I solved these problems and decided to help others do the same. Thus, theIOTpad was born.

I've been tinkering with home automation for more than a decade. We had a RadioShack Plug 'n Power light controller when I was young. I helped my dad run cable TV coax to all the rooms in our house. I hardwired my condo with Ethernet cable. Most importantly, I enjoy helping others figure out how to build their own system.

There are a lot of great smart home products on the market, but I think there is room for improvement. We are all on this adventure together. Welcome to the site and I hope we can help you build a smart home with fewer headaches.