LED color changing lights have become an essential lighting system in contemporary homes. They are economical and power-saving, with a selection of colors that can instantly change your room’s ambiance. When picking out the best brand for your residential spaces, you’ll keep several criteria in mind. 

For instance, are you looking to install downward-facing lights from the ceiling, table lamps, or wall lights? Or, if you need a string of lights for your entertainment center, library, or artwork to direct attention. 

Then again, you’ll pick the right brand if you need to integrate it with your smartphone app. Or, if you want to use your home automation system like Alexa or Google Assistant to control the lights. What kind of multi color LED lights or color changing bulbs should you choose? Let’s help you make that decision.

7 Best LED Color Changing Lights for Room

1. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Smart Bulb – $59 on Amazon

Philips Hue LED Color Changing Lights

Philips is one of the best-known global brands with an exciting selection of products that customers have known and trusted for years. The Philips Hue smart bulb is one of their innovative products that come with an intuitive, contemporary design and a user-friendly phone app. 

You can control Philips LED color changing lights using the Bluetooth function that, although functional, has a limited range. If you need advanced controls, you’ll have to purchase the Hue Bridge for an added cost.

  • Exceptional brightness
  • Integrates seamlessly with phone apps
  • Color changing bulbs with Bluetooth or bridge control
  • Price is on the higher side
  • Needs the Hue Bridge to access all the functions, which is available at an added cost

Features of Philips hue colour changing bulb

  • 16 million color options with a selection of preset colors from the app’s scene gallery
  • Option of selecting an image from the phone camera roll and using it to inspire the color palette
  • Integrates with dimmer switches and timers
  • Compatible with HomeKit with Hue Bridge, Alexa, and Google Assistant, enabling voice commands
  • 16 Watts providing a brightness of 1600 Lumens 

2. Govee Smart LED Bulb – $10 on Amazon

Govee Smart LED Bulb

The Govee Smart LED bulb is another well-known product suitable for users who prefer to use only Bluetooth controls. The most interesting feature is that you can configure it with up to eight different scene modes for mood changing. 

The Sunrise and Sunset modes, when customized with the clock, can help you fall asleep and wake up. The compatible app provides you a group control function to adjust multiple bulbs, though with limited functions. 

  • Energy-efficient lighting system
  • Enables users to configure the timings when the lights turn on and off
  • Not compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

Features of Govee led color changing light bulb

  • 16 million colors with the option to select colors from a camera photo or image
  • 8 different scene modes, including Sunrise and sunset modes
  • 7-Watt LED color changing light bulb provides brightness equivalent to a 60-Watt incandescent bulb
  • Syncs with any music you play and switches colors to match the music rhythms

3. GE LED + A21 Full Color Dimmable LED Light Bulb – $28 on Amazon 

GE LED + A21 Full Color Dimmable LED Light Bulb

These LED color-changing lights come to you from another world-renowned brand, General Electric. Aside from the typical color-changing property and compatibility with dimmer switches, the GE LED bulb infuses the party spirit. 

You can integrate up to 10 bulbs with your music app so that they change colors and play the songs. This range does not require an app but comes with a remote controller with two buttons—the upper one for adjusting the lights and brightness and the lower for playing music.

  • Integrates different light fixtures like BR30 flood lights, 6” recessed lights, and A19/21 light bulbs
  • Remote controller with separate buttons for controlling lights and music 
  • Color changing bulb with soothing white shades for softer ambiance
  • Not integrated with a smartphone app or home automation systems.

Buy Govee led color changing light bulb

Features of GE colour changing bulb

  • Party Mode for synchronizing the light show with the music beats
  • 10 distinct light colors with 760 lumens of brightness
  • Enables light controls with a remote and Bluetooth
  • Creates a wire-free high-grade surround sound

4. LIFX A19 led color changing light bulb – $48 on Amazon 

LIFX A19 led color changing light bulb

The key USP of the LED color changing lights option is that it is Wi-Fi-enabled. This feature allows you to control it without setting up a phone hub or bridge. You can integrate the bulbs with your smart home automation systems like the Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant

The most exciting thing about these bulbs is that you can configure them to suit the daylight outdoors. Simply adjust the lighting according to the time by adopting the Day & Dusk feature. 

  • Energy-efficient, needing only 11 Watts of power
  • Ability to integrate it with your home’s automation systems to achieve perfect temperatures and room brightness according to preset timings
  • Requires the Wi-Fi to work, and any connectivity issues can interfere with its efficiency.
  • More expensive than most other multicolor LED lights


  • 1100 lumens of brightness with a stunning range of over 16 million different colors
  • Durable color-changing bulbs with a life of 22.8 years
  • 75 Watts Lumens
  • Day and Dusk feature that brightens the room as the day progresses and dims s evening approaches

5. Nooie Aurora multi color led lights – $19 on Amazon

Nooie Aurora multi color led lights

The Nooie Aurora is a WI-Fi-controlled selection of LED color changing lights that you can control using your phone app. You won’t need a hub to operate the bulbs, but you can configure your desired settings on the phone. Family members can share the app for customized preferences and adjust settings with voice controls.  

  • Energy-saving lighting solution
  • The expected lifespan is 20 years averaging at 3 hours every day
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Achieving perfect color accuracy can be a problem
  • Not 5G enabled LED color changing light bulb


  • An unbelievable range of more than 16 million color settings
  • Enables voice control for adjusting all settings like On/Off, dimmer, and color changing
  • FCC and UL certified 
  • Made using special materials that eliminate the possibility of overheating
  • Integration with smart home automation systems like Alexa and Google Assistant

6. Wyze Bulb – $27 for Amazon

Wyze Bulb

Wyze LED color changing lights from Seattle-based Wyze Labs provide you with excellent value for money. It is one of the most economical products available in the market today. However, their bulbs offer features and reliability comparable to more expensive brands. Whether you need voice control or pairing with Alexa and Google Assistant, Wyze has it all. 

  • Integrates timers for following preset schedules
  • Vacation mode to turn off all the lights when homeowners are away
  • Integrates with home automation systems 

This product does not permit users to schedule brightness changes all through the day to match natural daylight. However, this issue is easily overcome by using Google Assistant or Alexa to schedule the required controls.

Features of Wyze colour changing bulb

  • A full white color spectrum of settings ranging from a warm, candle-like 2,700K to brighter daylight hues going up to 6,000K
  • The brightness of around 880 to 921 Lumens
  • Provides more than 16 million color settings
  • 90+ CRI Rating
  • Color-changing bulb with a Wi-Fi radio built into the hardware

7. Lighting EVER LE Dimmable Color Changing LED Light Bulb – $12 on Amazon

Lighting EVER LE Dimmable Color Changing LED Light Bulb

The Ever-light bulb makes our list of LED color-changing lights because of its many benefits. Not only is it one of the most economical LED colors changing light bulbs, but it is also super easy to use. 

All you need to do is install the bulb, download the compatible app, and pair the bulb with your phone. You can communicate with the bulb via Bluetooth, and it does not require a hub to control. 

  • Super easy to install and use
  • Energy efficient
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • These multicolor LED lights are not compatible with smart home automation systems.


  • Integrates a memory mode and switches on with your last configured settings
  • 800 Lumens of brightness
  • Uses only 9 Watts to deliver the light, similar to a 60-watt incandescent bulb
  • Provides more than 16 million different colors and up to 6 lighting modes
  • Enables settings to control lights according to timings and preset schedules

How to choose a color changing light

As explained at the beginning of this post, several criteria can influence your decision to purchase a color changing bulb. Each of the options listed above has varying features, and you can choose the one that provides the required functionality. 

But, if you’re looking for the perfect balance between features and good value for money, Wyze wins hands down. Users who absolutely need top-quality brands would want to go with Philips or the all-time top brand GE. 

Do keep in mind that although we have listed the top products available today, it is by no means comprehensive. You are likely to find different models of LED color changing lights with new technology emerging every day. Take the time to scout around and weigh the features before making your choice. 

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